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We are an Authorized Panasonic Dealer with factory trained technicians.


Every Panasonic mini split we install includes 10 year warranty on parts and compressor, as well as 10 year labour warranty. 

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Introducing the ClimaPure™ XE series

Are you tired of battling fluctuating temperatures, stuffy air, and poor indoor air quality? Look no further! Panasonic proudly presents the ClimaPure™ XE Heat Pump - High efficiency wall mounted true cold-climate heat pumps with patented Nanoe™X air purification technology. The ultimate solution for creating a pristine, comfortable environment in your home or office.

Available as a single unit or multi split unit installation - XE9WKUA, XE12WKUA, XE15WKUA, XE18WKUA, XE24WKUA ​

Don't settle for mediocre climate control. Experience the ultimate comfort with a Panasonic ClimaPure™ XE heat pump. Take the first step towards pure air and true comfort today!

These units qualify for the Greener Homes Grant. 

What is nanoe™X Technology?

Nanoe™X is a revolutionary technology developed by Panasonic that harnesses the power of nanotechnology to improve indoor air quality. Through the generation and release of negatively charged hydroxyl (OH) radicals, Nanoe™X effectively neutralizes airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, and odors. These highly reactive hydroxyl radicals actively seek out and break down the molecular structure of pollutants, providing a healthier and cleaner environment. With its ability to reach and treat areas that are challenging to clean through traditional methods, Nanoe™X technology offers a comprehensive solution for purifying the air we breathe, creating a fresh and revitalizing indoor space.

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